How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

How much can I expect to spend?

Many people in general who don’t work in the wedding or floral industry don’t know how much floral designs cost.  In fact, some couples are shocked and offended when they provide a vision board of the designs they want to a floral designer and receive their cost proposal.

That’s because, what is seen in a beautiful wedding photo of flowers is the design but not the costs of that design.  Also, because couples are being marketed to so heavily on so many different outlets, they equate this over saturation with lower cost.

In reality, you can research pretty much anything on the internet but the exact cost of your wedding floral is not something you can easily find information on because there are so many other factors that impact the cost.

Since there are so many contributing factors to the cost of your wedding flowers, the best way to budget is by allocating a percentage of your overall wedding budget as your starting point and work with your floral designer on customizing a package that works best for your budget.

What I can tell is that there are a few things that directly attribute to the cost of wedding floral and they are:

  • Availability
  • Complexity of design
  • Customization
  • Delivery
  • Installation and tear down
  • Labor and supplies
  • Quantity
  • Type of flowers

The money talk can be awkward but it’s necessary ….

Couples who have actually taken the time to create and allocate their wedding budget prior to meeting a floral designer are more open to discussing what they can afford.  Even then, some couples may still end up disenchanted and disappointed when they receive their cost proposal if the floral designer didn’t walk them through their expenses or their vision is totally out of alignment with their budget and they’re inflexible.

Let’s do the math

To help you get a clearer understanding of how much you can expect to pay for your wedding flowers, I’ve broken down the floral cost of a wedding.  Keep in mind, that your cost will vary and that all weddings are not created equal.  Every couple has different preferences and styles.

Cost Breakdown for John & Jan Doe Couple:

Wedding party floral for the couple, 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, 1 flower girl, 1 ring bear and 2 sets of parents will typically start at a range of ($900+)

Ceremony floral for your alter and aisle will typically start at a range of ($1,200+)

Reception floral for 150 guests will typically start at a range of ($1,500+)

Using these figures, this couple can expect to pay $3,600 or more for their wedding flowers.

Can you get wedding floral for less?

There is always someone out there who is willing to do your wedding flowers for less, make no mistake about it. For instance, hiring someone who is just starting out in the business or whose skill set or product is not the highest quality are all examples of a business who may be willing to undercut the proposal of a more seasoned floral designer to gain your business.

But if you work with a seasoned professional with credible long term experience and that has a portfolio of beautiful work, you can expect to pay the rates listed above or a little more depending on the design and flowers you select.

Need tips on hiring the right vendor, see “How To Hire The Right Vendor”

Are you being mislead!

The wedding industry has done a remarkable job marketing what “looks good” to couples but unfortunately we have fallen short on disclosing how much a particular “look or design” will cost you.

Because your wedding floral are an important aspect to your wedding day, you should take time to schedule an in-person consultation or video consultation at most with a floral designer who is willing to go over your designs and guide you in establishing your floral budget for your particular designs.

Working with a seasoned floral designer is actually more productive and cost effective than seeking out someone who will do it cheaper.  Cheaper doesn’t always mean better! In fact, cheaper may leave you disappointed on your wedding day.

Popular Wedding Flowers

Listed below are some of the more requested flowers for weddings and their availability during the year.  Starting with $ being the least expensive and $$ being the most expensive.

Amaryllis ($$) – available late Fall to early Spring

Anemone ($$) – available late Fall to early Spring

Dahlia ($$) – available Summer to early Fall

Peony ($$$) – available Spring to early Summer (imported fall/winter)

Calla Lily ($$) – available all year

Hydrangea ($ – $$) – available all year

Paleonopsis Orchid ($$$) – available all year

Ranunculus ($S) available Spring to early Summer

Roses ($) – available all year

Gysophilia/Baby’s Breath ($) – available all year

Tulips ($$) – available Fall to Spring

Photo Credits: Aaron and Whitney Photography, Lavishly Lux Photography and Melanie Julian Photography

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Shaunette Ehiabhi

Shaunette Ehiabhi

Shaunette Smith is the Founder and Creative Director of the Sydnee Events and Your Day and Beyond brands.
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