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Your Day and Beyond brand is part of the Sydnee Event Production, LLC family that was established in May 2015 as a lifestyle blog that covers culture, food, relationships, travel and weddings.

In December 2019 we added the podcast Your Day and Beyond, a biweekly show that delivers quick, wise and thought provoking coaching on topics about dating, relationships and everything in between to help listeners achieve personal growth that transforms their love story into happier and healthier relationships.

Your Day and Beyond readers are incredible women who live for adventure and refuse to live lives where they just exist. Our readers desire a more meaningful life and we’re here to support them in their journey.

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Your Day and Beyond Podcast

Dating today is way different than it was 25 -30 years ago. It has evolved from courtship to casual dating. 30 years ago, the purpose of dating was to get married but today dating is more of a means to an end that doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. Nowadays people date for many reasons.. It may be for companionship, casual sex or to find their soulmate. If you’re dating with the end goal of marriage, you’re dating with intention but if you’re dating with no real purpose in mind, you’re casually dating.

During this time of year, it’s a good time to reflect back and learn from the lessons the previous year taught you. By reflecting on what didn’t go well and why, it gives you important information about how you can be better in the next year. Embracing your life lessons, learning from them and using what you learned to be a better you is how you create a path to New and Better Things in the year 2023.

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Shaunette is understanding, diplomatic, straight-forward, kind and generous.  She cares about others and helps people emotionally by giving moral support and a shoulder to lean on. She has come to my rescue spiritually as a prayer partner and one who always puts a smile on my face because she’s very easy-going and I love working with her    

Madeline Miller

Shaunette is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly beautiful person with a sincerity beyond compare. Her passion for excellence rivals only her depth of understanding and keen insight. She is a rare jewel to the individuals and couples so blessed to receive from her wisdom and understanding.

Miyake Lee