Meet Shaunette, Dating and Relationship Coach!

Shaunette Ehiabhi is no stranger to failed relationships, she’s definitely had her share of disappointment and even tragedy. She became a widow after being married a few short years to her first husband who died of a tragic accident which left Shaunette to manage the grieving process and raise their 8-month old daughter alone. Shaunette later remarried and endured a toxic marriage for several years. After divorcing, she was left to deal with the aftermath as a survivor of mental and physical abuse.

Shaunette invested in therapy and coaching that helped her regain her confidence, rebuild her self esteem and learn to love herself again.  She’s now happily married to her Nigerian born husband who she met online and is blissfully enjoying.a relationship that’s the total opposite of the toxic marriage she left because it’s built on a spiritual foundation and shared expectations.

Shaunette’s personal struggles help to inspire her coaching and mentoring services.  She mentors singles on how to attract and find love and married women who are struggling to rekindle the passion and romance in their relationship by offering support and tools to transform their love story.

I Help Couples Fight Less and Screw More! 

Has the pandemic heightened tensions in your already fragile marriage? Want to stop fighting so much and develop a plan for a healthier and happier marriage where you have more intimacy?

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See What People Are Saying!

Shaunette is understanding, diplomatic, straight-forward, kind and generous.  She cares about others and helps people emotionally by giving moral support and a shoulder to lean on. She has come to my rescue spiritually as a prayer partner and one who always puts a smile on my face because she’s very easy-going and I love working with her    

Madeline Miller

Shaunette is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly beautiful person with a sincerity beyond compare. Her passion for excellence rivals only her depth of understanding and keen insight. She is a rare jewel to the individuals and couples so blessed to receive from her wisdom and understanding.

Miyake Lee

Dating & Relationship Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast episode where Shaunette delivers quick, wise, and thought-provoking wit on the topics of dating, relationships, and everything in between.

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1:1 Coaching Session

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Let’s work on transforming your mindset and implement proven strategies that will bring you the love you deserve and desire.  

Little fights becoming big issues? Let’s work together to develop a plan to turn things around in your relationship so you come out on the other side with more love, more passion and a deeper connection.