Picture of Hello, I am Shaunette Ehiabhi<br>Founder of Sydnee Event Productions LLC

Hello, I am Shaunette Ehiabhi
Founder of Sydnee Event Productions LLC

Your Day and Beyond is part of the Sydnee Event Production, LLC family. Established in May 2015 as a lifestyle blog that covers lifestyle, relationships and travel.

Your Day and Beyond podcast show was added December 2019. A biweekly show that delivers quick, wise and thought provoking conversation on topics about dating, relationships and everything in between to help listeners achieve personal growth that transforms their love story.

Your Day and Beyond readers and listeners are incredible women who live for adventure and refuse to live lives where they just exist. Our followers desire a more meaningful life and we’re here to support them in their journey.


To provide business guidance and lifestyle support to female entrepreneurs who aspire to have a beautiful life.


My goal is to empower and inspire women to have a beautiful life, full of adventure and love.


To help women entrepreneurs design their dream lifestyle without sacrificing their identity.