The 5 Best Ghana Beaches To Explore

Ghana, is located in West Africa. It’s nestled between Côte d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Ghana’s topography is diverse and encompasses a range of landscapes, each with its own unique characteristics. With a coastline that stretches 560 kilometres from Aflao in the Volta Region to Cape Three Points in the Western Region. 

Along the Atlantic Ocean coastline are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches, from the most widely frequented to the serene and disturbance-free, Ghana has over a dozen beaches for travellers to visit. As a beach-lover who actively seeks out hidden gems, these are my top 5 picks that you must visit when you’re in Ghana!

1. Labadi Pleasure Beach

Situated in the heart of Accra, the capital of Ghana is Labadi Beach also known as Labadi Pleasure Beach. The energy on this beach is upbeat and lively and it’s driven by sheer engaging fun enjoyed by locals and travellers alike. 

Labadi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Ghana and it is always packed with  locals and foreigners.  Known for its delicious street food, trendy restaurants with breathtaking ocean views, horseback rides, live bands, the city’s hottest DJs and its night-time parties by bonfires.  

This beach has some of the trendiest restaurants that turn into a vibing party scene at night. Two of the hottest are the Sandbox Beach Club and Polo Beach Club that you can count on for the hottest DJ’s, live bands, spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, delicious cuisine and amazing cocktails.

Labadi beach is definitely a beach party haven located in the heartbeat of the city and a must visit for every traveller.

2. Bojo Beach

Located  just 3 miles from the center of Accra makes this beach the perfect intimate place to relax and get away from the city and the crowds of the more popular beaches.  To get to this slice of tranquility situated at the delta of the Densu River, you have to take a boat ride or canoe across to get to the beach.

The private beach is the backdrop and setting of the Bojo Beach Resort which has 3 restaurants all with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bojo Beach is perfect for beach lovers who want to soak up the sun’s rays while leisurely relaxing and watching the ocean.

3. Kokrobite Beach

Is another popular beach that’s especially popular with the locals and expats.  Kokrobite Beach is known for its Rastafarian culture, beach parties and calm atmosphere.

Located in the Ghanaian Coastal Plain next to an active fishing village, the beach has a shoreline that’s lined with palm trees which provide ample shade for beach goers to watch the colorful fishing boats while sipping cocktails.

Kokrobite is an active surfers beach and the waters are not always favorable for swimming but it’s perfect for the skilled and novice surfers.

Who wouldn’t want to visit beautiful beaches that offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences?

4. Ankobra Beach

This beautiful beach provides a blend of natural beautiful surroundings that are perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers as well as serene ambiance.

It’s perfect for those seeking a more laid back beach experience combined with ecotourism.  You can bird watch, hit the hiking trails or just take a leisurely stroll on the golden sandy beaches while soaking up tropical vibes.

You can also engage in the culture and support local artisans by visiting the nearby Ankobra community where you can shop for beautiful handcrafted accessories and other unique and authentic treasures.

5. Cape Three Points

For the traveller seeking seclusion and adventure, Cape Three Points is a hidden treasure you will love. This off the beaten path beach is very secluded  with white sands, lots of nature and serenity.

Careful though, because the waters are rough for swimming but for water sport lovers it’s a thrilling opportunity  in this eco-friendly environment.

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