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From our own experiences, we have come to believe that the key to a fulfilling life lies in the exploration of ourselves and the beautiful planet we inhabit. When we connect to our world, to the people who live in it, we see things differently.

Escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey with us to the beautiful and truly amazing continent of Africa.

Join us on our upcoming adventure to Ghana in July 2024, where the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, soul warming sunsets and warm hospitality await.

Travel Ghana with confidence, looked after by our experienced local travel hosts, who bring a wealth of experience to ensure that your exploration of this West African country is not only exciting but safe.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover yourself, amidst the splendor of Africa.

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Ghana, is located in West Africa. It’s nestled between Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Ghana's topography is diverse and encompasses a range of landscapes, each with its own unique characteristics. With a coastline that stretches 560 kilometres from Aflao
We may all know that Ghana is in Africa, but until 5 years ago, I had no idea of where to pinpoint it on a map. I know better now, and soon, so will you! Where is Ghana situated geographically? Ghana, a green and vibrant country is located in West Africa. It is nestled between
Have you heard of Ghana as a destination and wondered how safe it is to visit? This post answers your questions in detail, looking at different aspects of safety in this West African country and providing recommendations that will help you enjoy a wonderful African adventure securely. Let’s get to it! How the African Community
Would you like a mental
break that renews your
mind, body and soul?

Join us for a curated tour that’s the ultimate self care experience. If the tight squeeze of the current economic climate and the increasingly hateful way people treat each other has stolen your joy and diminished your peace, we have created an experience in one of the most peaceful African countries that will heal and restore your soul.

Reconnect to your roots and discover a peace like you’ve never felt in the beautiful and peaceful country of Ghana.

G H A N A  2 0 2 4  MI N D , B O D Y & S O U L

Ghana, known for its lush forests, diverse animal life and sandy beaches along miles of beautiful coastline is also celebrated for its rich history dating back to 10,000 BC. The year of return 2018 put Ghana on the map in a big way with the Diaspora and Black Hollywood and since then Ghana’s development has skyrocketed. Ghana is one of the most peaceful and safest countries in Africa and its hospitality is incomparable. Akwaaba! You are welcome to a curated tour that will put your life back into perspective and bring you a peace that you never imagined possible.

Tour Dates (July 7th – July 16th), Tour 4 Major Regions (Greater Accra Region, Asante Region, Central Region and Eastern Region)
Fall In Love Tours
Mind, Body and Soul
Tour packages are per person and include airport pickup/drop off, all entry fees, lodging, *meals, transportation, professional photography and videography. *Airfare and Visa are not included.

Hi, I’m
Shaunette ehiabhi
Your tour host

I’ve been traveling to Africa since 2018. The first country I Visited was Ghana and as soon as my feet touched Ground, my life was forever changed. In the U.S, Everything was falling apart. I lost my job and filed for Divorce from a trauma bond marriage. In the midst of all The stress, I met my wonderful husband and my love story Changed. I left my troubles behind and travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to the continent of Africa where I fell in love with life again.

I instantly fell in Love with ghana and I know you will too.


A wife, mom, therapist and podcaster who loves spreading positivity all across the world. Brittany’s experience with teens and young adults in overcoming challenges and persevering led to the creation of EmpowerU CrownUp. EmpowerU is where self-confidence, self love, self healing and goal crushing becomes reality. Brittany’s goal is to help everyone hold their crown up high as they walk in confidence.


A wife, mom, blogger, podcaster, relationship coach and serial entrepreneur whose purpose is to help women rewrite their love story. Shaunette specializes in helping women use their innate power to create a beautiful love story by healing past traumas that can block love. She believes every woman is worthy of having a beautiful love story and she coaches women on how to let go of a lack mentality and embrace abundance to become an attraction magnet for real love.


Founder of Butler Tours located in Accra, Ghana. Awuracy’s love for travel began as an airport agent where she was bitten by the travel bug. As a boutique tour operator, she is able to show visitors the untapped beauty in the peaceful country of Ghana. She has a vast network in all major regions of Ghana that she taps into to create beautiful experiences for her clients that give them memories that will last a lifetime.


Welcome breakfast & visit significant historical sights and museums to learn about the history of Ghana, its culture, economic and political system.


Gardens & Waterfalls – Picnic in the picturesque century old healing gardens and waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana. Shop the local market for beautiful handmade treasures and fresh organic fruits and vegetables.


Learn the ancient craft of basket weaving, painting with a sip and drumming from locals. Shop the infamous Art District and the largest outdoor market in Ghana. *Buy fabric for “naming ceremony” traditional outfit.


Learn to cook local cuisine and relax on the beach with a massage and cocktails/mocktails.


Learn to get around like a local on the trotro. Visit adopted school and gift them with donations. Learn how to make African black soap.


Brunch and enjoy the rest of your day as you explore on your own.


Travel to the Central Coastal Region for a “return home” to UNESCO’s World Heritage fifteenth century slave castle and slave market.


Early breakfast, tour the Ashanti Region and Kingdom and receive your new name from the Kumasi Chiefs during your “naming ceremony” and visit the Kumasi museum.


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A one time processing fee of $69 is applicable for payment plans


A one time processing fee of $69 is applicable for payment plans

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What documents do I need to travel to Ghana?

You will need a valid passport, a visa and proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Is it safe in Ghana?

Yes, Ghana is one of the most peaceful African countries you can visit and is known for their hospitality to visitors.

What vaccinations do I need?

The only required vaccination is yellow fever but we recommend getting a Hep A & B and a tetanus shot.

How long is the flight?

A non-stop flight is 10 hours and a flight with layover(s) could be as long as 18 hours.