What You Should Wear To A Wedding

Spring and summer are the perfect time of the year for weddings. Knowing what to wear and what’s acceptable can be a bit challenging.

The wedding invitation customarily dictates what you should wear to a wedding, but when the couple chooses to use digital invitations that may not include the dress code, how do you know what’s appropriate to wear?

If you receive an invite to a wedding and you’re not sure how to dress, knowing what to wear or what’s acceptable can be a bit challenging. If you follow these 5 common attire expectations you won’t go wrong.

When In Doubt, Follow Etiquette

If you haven’t frequented many weddings, selecting acceptable attire can be a little confusing so when in doubt, always follow etiquette.

Here’s the 5 most common attire expectations for weddings.

  1. White Tie – while not as common these days, but this is as formal as it can get. Selecting a long formal gown that’s a sensible length so that you’re not holding it to prevent from stepping on it goes well with sensible height heels you can stand in for extended periods of time and dance in is most suitable for a white tie wedding.
  2. Black Tie – this is more common for weddings and it’s formal.  Choose a long gown,  preferably one that’s not too puffy or too long that you’ll be stepping on or select a dressy cocktail dress that you can pair with heels that are suitable for standing and dancing.
  3. Black Tie Optional (Formal) – this is also a common dress code for most weddings. Going with a chic cocktail dress or dressy separates that you can pair with footwear that’s chic and fun is acceptable.
  4. Semi Formal (Cocktail) – many couples prefer this dress code because it’s attire that is somewhere between formal and casual and it gives guests a lot of flexibility.  A cocktail dress, dressy separates or even a chic jumpsuit is acceptable.
  5. Casual – this dress code is relaxed but it may not be jeans and t-shirt relaxed.  Use the location as your guide to your wardrobe selection and go with a dressier dress that’s not formal or a dressy jumpsuit that you can wear with flats or a sensible high heeled sandal.

Other attire that is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding is customary attire if you’re attending a cultural wedding, just make sure you choose authentic customary attire instead of creating a hybrid to avoid insulting anyone.

Knowing what to wear to a wedding can be a little questionable, especially if the couple didn’t provide a dress code but if you stick with these 5 common attire expectations you should be fine.


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