Raising Your Emotional Awareness And Gaining Control

Knowing how to control your emotions is beneficial in many aspects of your life, lowering levels of anxiety and depression while also improving relationships with family and friends.

The first step is by understanding the different emotions

To get a better understanding of our emotions we need to first separate them into two categories: positive and negative. You might think these two categories are pretty straightforward, however, it is actually quite subjective.

The gray area between positive and negative emotion helps us understand that this is a very personal topic.

When you learn how to recognize your emotions on a deeper level, you will decrease social anxiety, depression and build better relationships with family and friends, while increasing your self-esteem.

The additional benefits of recognizing your emotions are: 

  • Low social anxiety leads to better conversation
  • You find yourself enjoying your conversations more
  • You feel more confident when meeting new people
  • You are able to express yourself without the fear of being judged or rejected

Being more aware of our emotions helps us to be in control and regulate them. The following strategies will help you gain more control over your emotions.

Become more aware of your emotions with these 6 strategies:

  • Acknowledge the emotion
  • Work out the meaning of the emotion
  • Talk to a friend about it
  • Don’t ignore it
  • Express it
  • Give yourself time to adjust to the situation

It is also important to understand that emotions are not permanent, and that you can learn to let go of them in order to feel better. The tips above will help you.

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