Plan & Manage Your Wedding Tasks

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The Plan & Manage Your Wedding Task Guide is a Wedding Planning tool that focuses on guiding you in all of your planning tasks,   helping you keep your tasks organized and managing the multitude of tasks for your wedding.

This guide will give you the practical steps to apply the same techniques I use when working with clients to Plan their wedding.

You Will Learn How To:

  1. Automate your tasks so that you stay on schedule every step of the way.  This will include a checklist of tasks that you can front load and recommendations on the apps to use to keep things organized.
  2. Create your wedding itineraries for your wedding party and family dress and pre-ceremony schedule, and your vendor setup and breakdown schedule.  This includes pre-fillable forms for your itineraries.
  3. Create your Order of Ceremony and Reception Activity schedules. This includes pre-fillable forms that you can complete and print to give to your venue, vendors and wedding party.
  4. Steps to continue managing your budget to ensure you don’t overspend.



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